Mako Mania

The Mako Mania is a mako shark release tournament with added entry levels for bluefish and thresher shark. This tournament is traditionally the start of the tournament season in Ocean City. Mako Mania was started in 1996 by Captain Steve Harman and continues to grow every year. The Mako Mania is unique in that boats of all sizes can compete with decent weather.

Daily weigh-ins will be held at Bahia Marina from 3:30PM - 7:30PM each fishing day.

Stop by, have a beverage and something to eat at FishTales while watching the sharks come in to be weighed!

For Pre-Order items - use code pickup if you plan to pick your t-shirts up during the Mako Tournament.  This will save on shipping charges.  We plan to have these shirts in stock the last week of May to ship out.